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Airline Fueler Injures Shoulder Lifting Hose

Petitioner is a 29-year-old fueler for an airline company. In October of 2010, she was pulling a very heavy fueling hose when she sustained injuries to her arm/shoulder area. She was initially treated conservatively, but due to non-improvement of her symptoms she underwent arthroscopic surgery together with subacromial decompression of her right shoulder. Thereafter, she underwent a rigorous program of physical therapy and work hardening/conditioning. She was placed on light duty prior to the surgery and was unable to work while undergoing therapy and work hardening. She was returned to work with no restrictions in June of 2011. The case settled for 25% loss of use of the arm ($13,622.00) and a sum of $1,199.40 was also paid to the Petitioner because she had been underpaid while she was working her light duty. All medical bills were also paid by Respondent in this case.

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