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Fundraising Appeal to Defeat Gov. Scott Walker of WI

You may be asking yourself, “Why should I care about a recall election in Wisconsin when I live in Illinois?” The answer is clear – if Scott Walker remains the Governor of Wisconsin, his assault on collective bargaining and public employees will continue and travel south to Illinois. His actions have already inspired Illinois politicians to attack pensions and retiree health benefits. We must stand in solidarity with the workers of Wisconsin and reject the growing movement against unionization and workers’ rights in this country. This has become a national campaign about workers’ rights.

On June 5th, there will be an election to recall Gov. Scott Walker. Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett is the candidate to support. Recent polls show that Walker retains an edge over Barrett. We must act now and help the working people of Wisconsin!

Last summer, Walker’s anti-collective bargaining bill received overwhelming national opposition that ultimately led to a federal court striking down part of the law. Walker’s strategy has been to “divide and conquer” Wisconsin workers. This strategy will spread across the country if workers everywhere don’t come together again in opposition of Walker.

A governor has only been recalled twice in U.S. history. However, no recall election has ever had this much support. Over 1 million signatures were collected in just three months to support Walker’s recall, but only funds can make this a reality. To stand up with the people of Wisconsin in support of workers’ rights, please donate to the recall campaign by clicking here.

Please forward to your family and friends who may be concerned about maintaining the rights of the middle class.

To read more facts about why Scott Walker should be recalled, click here.

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