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The result of the November election for Governor could forever silence the voices of working men and women in Illinois, ending their ability to negotiate wages, benefits and other work-related issues. Bruce Rauner’s campaign website promises that he will “Create Right-to-Work zones and allow local communities to decide whether workers must join a union in order to get a job.” He further threatens the futures of all public-sector employees when he states he would “Allow state workers to choose whether they want to join a government employees union, instead of being forced to do so.” He very explicitly says he wants to end the rights of all workers, but most specifically, police officers, fire fighters, corrections officers, teachers and other public sector workers, to collectively bargain.

Even though Governor Quinn and the public employee unions differed on pension issues, the two public employee’s unions that represent teachers (IFT & IEA) have endorsed Governor Quinn. The service employee’s union (SEIU) has also endorsed the Governor for re-election.

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