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Officer Injured Making Arrest Receives Back-pay, Medical Treatment, and Settlement

A 31-year-old police officer injured his knee when he was tackled while attempting to arrest a suspect. He was originally diagnosed with a sprain and treated conservatively, but after that treatment failed the treating doctor recommended an arthroscopy of the knee. During the arthroscopy, it was found that he did in fact have a torn plica. Following surgery, Petitioner developed Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) in the injured leg. He was required to undergo a course of medication to treat the DVT. He will be required to be monitored with regard to the DVT issue for the rest of his life. Petitioner was absent from work primarily during the recovery of the surgery and during the treatment of the DVT. He received all his workers’ compensation benefits for all periods of lost time. He was returned to full duty work and continues his occupation as a police officer. The case settled for 25% loss of use of the leg or $29,592.60 together with payment of all related medical bills relating to both the knee condition and the subsequent development of DVT.

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