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Police Officer Receives Shoulder Settlement

48-year-old police officer was injured in two separate work accidents. Firstly on 1/17/10 he slipped on an icy staircase on his way into work. He jerked his arm backwards, feeling pain in his right shoulder. He continued working but on 2/24/10 he aggravated the shoulder when he was trying arresting a suspect who was resisting the arrest. He was diagnosed with a rotator cuff tear and a possible SLAP tear and surgery was recommended. He underwent shoulder arthroscopy and a rotator cuff repair. He was off work from the date of the second accident until 2/28/2011 as his employer would not accommodate his light duty restriction and only allowed him to return to work when he was fully released.

The claim settled for $54,656.60, which represents 32.5% of the arm.

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