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The Assault on Workers

The results of the elections of 2010 have proven to be an assault on workers, and unfortunately, it’s a national problem.

It began in Wisconsin, where a radical newly-elected Governor vowed to take money from teachers and other public union employees to cover a budget deficit. However, he didn’t stop there. He also wanted to take away their rights to collectively bargain. The argument Governor Walker made was that the concessions were necessary to save about $137 million for Wisconsin. If that were truly the case, then (1) why did he push through corporate tax cuts of $140 million and (2) why did he reject the workers' offer to agree to ALL of his concessions? Unfortunately, the bill was passed and signed by the union-busting Governor. Similar efforts have also been underway in Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. The common denominator = all newly elected Republican governors.


Our workers are also under attack. Republican Senators Kyle McCarter of Lebanon and Bill Brady of Bloomington have proposed two different bills in the state Senate with the same goal: reducing the rights of injured workers.

Call your state representative or state senator and tell them to oppose any changes to the Illinois Workers' Compensation Act. In addition, with the 2012 elections on the horizon, it is important to make sure your voice and your vote are heard.

Click here, to find your state senator or representative.

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