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We Are One Illinois Campaign

The ILFOP has formed a coalition with other leaders from police and fire associations and the Illinois Public Pension Association in response to the Municipal League’s attack against public employees’ pensions.

Unions across Illinois have come together to form a coalition that is even larger than public safety, including the Illinois AFL-CIO, Illinois Education Association, Illinois Federation of Teachers, Associated Fire Fighters of Illinois, AFSCME Council 31, Illinois Police Benevolent and Protective Association, Service Employees International Union, Laborers International Union of North America Midwest Region and the Illinois Public Pension Fund Association.

These groups have banded together to form WeAreOneIllinois. The primary goal of the WeAreOneIllinois campaign is to provide truth to the public about the average public worker and the average public pension.

Sources in Springfield say a legislative committee could take up a pension-cutting bill as soon as this week. Please keep speaking out!


To contact your legislators dial 888-412-6570 and follow the prompts. You will be connected with your state senator or representative. Tell them to do the right thing, say NO to cutting the modest pensions earned by public employees who keep us safe, educate our children, care for the sick and disabled and more.

Please help the WeAreOneIllinois Coalition protect the pensions of hardworking, middle class Illinoisans.

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