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Products Liability

Illinois product liability law allows individuals to recover damages for injuries sustained due to a defective product. Defective products can include almost any product from an instrument, machine, motor vehicle, truck, tire or other consumer product used either in the home or at work, including medical devices and medical products. A person must be using the product for its intended purpose/use in order for a case to be compensable.   It is estimated that consumer products injure more than 33 million people in the United States annually.

Product liability law provides for compensation for a person harmed by defective products.  More importantly case law in this area can also motivate manufacturers to produce safer products and instruments with clearer warnings, instructions and safety mechanisms. When a defective product causes injury or death, the maker of the product can be held liable to the victim or the family of the victim for the damages that the product has caused. Due to the complex and technical nature of product liability law, it is important that you seek immediate expert advice from an experienced attorney familiar with these types of cases. 

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