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The Workers’ Compensation Act protects the rights of people that are injured at work. Ridge & Downes makes certain that when you are injured at work you receive every benefit possible to which you may be entitled.

Work injuries can result in medical expenses, loss of pay and permanent injury or disability. An injured worker can receive: (1) payment of medical expenses; (2) temporary total disability benefits (paid instead of wages when the employee is under a doctor’s care and restricted from working); and (3) permanent partial disability benefits paid to compensate the worker for the physical loss suffered as a result of the injury.

In some circumstances, an injured worker may be entitled to other benefits. Temporary partial disability benefits can be paid when the worker returns to work earning less money than a regular weekly wage. Wage differential benefits are appropriate when the injury causes a change in employment to a lesser paying job, and permanent total disability benefits can be paid when the injured worker is not able to return to any type of employment.

At Ridge & Downes we can work to establish that you are covered under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act and guide you through the processes and procedures necessary to receive all the appropriate benefits for your injury. We will also investigate whether the work injury may result in other claims, such as a personal injury claim or another type of third-party action. To learn more about these causes of action, click here.

We are always available to answer any questions that you may have related to an incident or injury and will work to ensure that you receive your benefits in a timely manner.

There is No Fee Until You Receive Compensation

If you're ready to protect yourself and your loved ones, call us today for a free, confidential consultation.

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