Brian H. Driscoll

Brian joined the firm in August 2020.  Brian earned his Juris Doctorate from Chicago Kent College of Law and his undergraduate degree from Marquette University.

Brian has dedicated over 30 years primarily to workers’ compensation litigation. Following his distinguished career as defense counsel for Travelers Insurance Company, Brian transitioned to become a successful private practitioner.

Drawing from his extensive knowledge of diverse medical issues, he currently handles complex workers’ compensation claims for the firm. Brian has represented over 15 professional sport teams with an emphasis on the defense of major concussion claims.

Since 2000, Brian has been certified as a municipal hearing officer for the Villages of South Chicago Heights and Steger where he presides over 80 hearings per month, including Housing, A-0, and C-Class violations. In 2017, Brian was elected to the Board of Trustees for the Village of Flossmoor.

Brian is a member of the Workers’ Compensation Lawyers’ Association, Illinois State Bar Association, and Chicago Bar Association.

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