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Ridge & Downes recently settled a case wherein the Respondent agreed to pay penalties of over $12,000. The claimant slipped on a box at a factory and fractured her right wrist. She was taken to the Emergency Department, and surgery was performed the following day.

After repeated attempts to get her medical bills paid, she contacted our office for help. Our office filed a claim against the factory where she was working and the uninsured temporary staffing agency that sent her there. After soundly rejecting their settlement offer of $2,000, we were able to negotiate a settlement with the temporary staffing agency for a substantial loss of use of her hand, payment of medical bills, penalties for the delay in payment of benefits and medical bills, and attorney’s fees for recovering the penalties. This totaled just under $30,000.

Said one of the attorneys on the other side, “I’ll never forget this file and still can’t believe they paid the penalties voluntarily.”

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