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This may be the first time you have been injured or the first time you have needed to contact an attorney. With over forty years of experience representing injured people, Ridge & Downes will answer your questions, provide you with exceptional legal advice and guide you through each step toward a successful resolution of your claim.


We have built our reputation by providing aggressive and compassionate representation to working people. We will work diligently to bring you and your family the best result possible.


Please call us and allow us to answer your questions and help your family in this difficult time.

Workers' Compensation

Protecting the rights of Illinois employees injured at work.

Personal Injury

Representing people injured from auto and truck accidents, negligence, and medical malpractice


Working with Designated Legal Counsel, Daniel J. Downes, P.C., to protect the rights of injured railroad workers and whistleblowers nationally.


James M. Ridge was named "Man of the Year" by the IPFA and given the Blue and Gold Award by the FOP for his successful advocacy in hearings before the Illinois General Assembly to retain imperiled workers' compensation Benefits.

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Ridge & Downes is working with Daniel J. Downes, P.C. to protect the rights of railroad workers injured on the job.


Ridge & Downes is proud of the decades of experience in workers' compensation and personal injury law that we offer our clients.

Currently meetings or events are postponed due to Covid. We will post updates as soon as we have more information regarding in person events.

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