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Ramp Serviceman Settles Multiple Injuries

A 50-year-old airline ramp service worker sustained multiple injuries in two separate work-related accidents to both of his knees and his right hand/wrist area. He underwent arthroscopic surgery on one of his knees and an intense course of physical therapy thereafter. For the other injures, he received conservative treatment and no surgery was necessary. Due to the more serious knee injury he was absent from work for 9 months. Upon being released at maximum medical improvement by his physician, our firm entered into settlement negotiations with the Respondent and the matter was amicably resolved on the basis of 26% loss of use of the right leg, 5% loss of use of the left leg, and 0.5% loss of use of the right hand, or a total sum of $30,000.00. In addition, the injured worker was paid all of his TTD benefits when he was absent from work and the Respondent also discharged all of his medical expenses associated with this claim.

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